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Elvis Reviews

Elvis Reviews

We talk about/review the studio albums, live performances, movies and more from the one and only Elvis Presley

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Welcome back. We're back for the final show of the season! So we though we'd go a little left field for this Elvis album review.

It's another live album review, this time we're talking about the amazing Hawaii Benefit Concert in March 1961.

We go through the album track-by-track, we hope you enjoy the chat! Let us know your thoughts on this album on our socials. Let us know which album (studio/live/soundtrack) you would like us to talk about next at elvisreviewspodcast@gmail.com.

We're also on twitter @ElvisReviews

We will be taking a short break over the summer, but don't worry we will be back before you know it!

Thanks for listening, please take 12 seconds to give us a 5 star rating on your favourite podcast app, spotify/apple whatever you use.. it really does help us, also tell your Elvis friends about us too :)

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