The Rabbit Hole Conversations

The Rabbit Hole Conversations

Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase of The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast shares her conversations with ufologists, experiencers, paranormal researchers, and others who hold extraordinary beliefs about what sparked their trip down the rabbit hole, how its impacted them, and what they've learned.

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In this episode I sat down with the newly unveiled ExoAcademian, AKA Darren, host of the Point of Convergence podcast and co-host of the Liminal Phrames podcast (all links below). Darren’s work is focused on consciousness, and specifically around the convergence of contact modalities used to engage the UFO phenomenon. His level-headed, academic approach to the exploration of consciousness, UFOs, and psi phenomena has made him an important voice in the UFO community. 

I was particularly interested to talk to Darren about how his exploration of the phenomenon has shaped his beliefs and his path. In a recent interview on Engaging The Phenomenon (linked below), he talked about the synchronistic orchestration he experienced that brought new purpose and direction to his life. Many who pursue this line of inquiry find themselves undergoing this kind of profound transformation—myself included—and I was eager to get Darren’s perspective on this intriguing aspect of the phenomenon. 

We covered a wide-range of other topics including:

-Darren’s recent involvement in an invitation-only HICE at The Monroe Institute with fellow researchers, contactees, and members of the military and intelligence communities

-How to recognize and experiment with your own psi abilities

-The hitchhiker effect

-How prime contactees attract the phenomenon

-Whether there are risks associated with CE5/HICE and how to protect yourself

-Who is behind the phenomenon

-And much more

I really enjoyed this conversation. Thank you, Darren, for your time.

If Darren’s work is new to you, I’d encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter.

ExoAcademian YouTube Channel

ExoAcademian/Darren interview on Engaging The Phenomenon
Dr. Diana Pasulka interview on Theories of Everything
The Monroe Institute

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