The Pestle: In-depth Movie Talk, No Fluff | Film Review | Spoilers

The Pestle: In-depth Movie Talk, No Fluff | Film Review | Spoilers

Wes Evans: Actor, Filmmaker, Director, Writer; Todd Sapio: Actor, Producer, Musician, Athlete

Cinema lovers unite! Two actors and filmmakers decided to cut through all the fluff and start a movie podcast where they actually discuss the film and not a million other things you don’t care about. Covering the obvious (did you like the movie?) while diving a little deeper (what is Interstellar really about? is there a bootstrap paradox?) we are having an in-depth conversation about movies and see if they hold up to scrutiny, and maybe even inform us about life or moviemaking itself. Because a good movie is often about more than what it’s about. So, let’s see if these Hollywood directors & writers are up to snuff as we cover blockbusters, independent films, direct to Netflix movies, and everything else; maybe your next favorite film is an indie you haven’t even heard of, let us introduce you to another way of watching movies.

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We gallop across Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" and discuss Cinematography, recreating moonlight; Story & Writing, romance, symbolism; Directing & Performances, visual storytelling, ending a scene on a good note; and other such stuff and things and stuff.

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