Stranger Thursdays : A Stranger Things Talk Show

Stranger Thursdays : A Stranger Things Talk Show

Stranger Thursdays

We are a talk show dedicated to the Netflix original series Stranger Things. We hope to connect with other fans and solve the ongoing mysteries occurring in Hawkins, Indiana.

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We didn't post last week, but we are back this week and more boring than ever! In this week's episode we discuss how Gaten's character (Dustin) has evolved into a brilliant badass, how Will and Eleven have probably met in the Upside Down, and how Jonathan drags Nancy in the forest (metaphorically not literally). Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more episodes by subscribing !! [FUN DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time we refer to an actor/actress by their actual name rather than by their character's name in the show. EX: Caleb, Gaten, Winona. ps. Play responsibly.]

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