Love Is A Doxie

Love Is A Doxie


Whether you know them as dachshunds, doxies, sausage dogs or dackel, this podcast is a tribute to these very special dogs and the people they have touched.

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They might not strike you as being the ideal farm dog, but Poppy the dachshund from New Zealand pretty quickly proved sceptics wrong. Poppy’s owners, Harriet and James, adored her, but when James died in a farming accident their world was turned upside-down. Now, Harriet Bremner and Poppy are on a mission to educate others on farm safety and speaking out about mental health.  To find out more about Harriet's work and her books, visit her website


‘Time for Poetry’ by One Man Book

Music by WinkingFoxMusic from Pixabay

Music by JuliusH from Pixabay

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