Grief Talk Podcast

Grief Talk Podcast

Grief Talk Podcast

Our mission is to comfort those who are brokenhearted from loss, to equip those with a grieving loved one, and to cultivate an intentional community by allowing ourselves the freedom to grieve.

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Comparing types of grief and loss is unfortunately all too common in our culture. In a desperate attempt to relate to others, comparing losses can feel insensitive and competitive. In this episode, we cover what grief comparison and competition are, how they don't help grieving people, and what to do instead. We also talk about how all types of loss are valid, but not all losses are the same. We share personal stories of our experiences with the death of our brother and how people have responded to our grief. As a note to listeners, we briefly talk about different ways people die in this episode including accidental death, illness and cancer, and suicide. Please listen with care. In this episode, we read two excerpts from Megan Devine's book "It's OK That You're Not OK". You can purchase this book for yourself (we highly recommend it!) and learn more about Megan's platform at

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