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Grief Talk Podcast

Grief Talk Podcast

Our mission is to comfort those who are brokenhearted from loss, to equip those with a grieving loved one, and to cultivate an intentional community by allowing ourselves the freedom to grieve.

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Miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss are particularly difficult losses to navigate. These losses can leave many loved ones wondering how to help. In the second part of this series, Sara interviews Chelsey Hedglin, hospital chaplain and bereavement coordinator, about how family members and friends can help their loved ones during pregnancy and infant losses.

They discuss what to say and what not to say, which questions are okay to ask, and how to navigate relating and comparing grief. They also give practical ideas for gestures and ways to help out.

We hope that this interview brings comfort to grieving parents, and awareness and insight to their loved ones.

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